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Logo Metabolic BalanceIt is common knowledge that traditional diets only ever lead to short term success, as it is extremely difficult to maintain the discipline to follow them. Most importantly traditional diets tend to focus on short-term weight loss rather than permanently changing ones eating habits, into those that are healthier and better balanced.
Metabolic Balance®, as the name implies, is not a diet in the traditional sense, but rather a metabolic program.

This program is designed to return your metabolism to permanent balance, through a change in diet. This will not only address weight issues but will also lead to an increase in energy and get you feeling healthier.

How does metabolic balance® work?
The metabolism of each person is completely different and as a result the daily requirement of specific vitamins, nutrients and minerals varies greatly from person to person.

By use of a simple blood test, we are able to determine your individual needs, and also those of your health and lifestyle.
The resulting metabolic balance® nutrition plan includes the food groups needed for you to regulate your metabolism. Not only do they contain the nutrients and minerals that you require, but most importantly only those that your body really needs.
With the correct choice of foods, and simple compliance of the Metabolic Balance® Plan, the results are that your blood sugar is stabilized and your insulin secretion is controlled.
This is extremely important because the cravings that one has previously had for foods and snacks, which is extremely common when dieting, ceases.

Your personal eating plan will contain a wide range of protein (fish, meat, legumes etc.) and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, salads, whole grains), which will enable you to prepare a wide variety meals, which are healthy but still delicious. We will provide you with a large collection of recipes, tailored to your individual needs, which will give you great cooking ideas and make your life with metabolic balance® easy.

What are the benefits oft metabolic balance®?
You will enjoy:
A gradual and permanent weight loss
Stable weight
Smoother and more beautiful skin
A healthier and more resilient body
A stronger psyche
Increased energy
Who would be suitable for metabolic balance®?
In general everyone above the age of 8, who has one or more of the goals listed below, would be suitable:
Those wanting to reach their ideal body weight.
Those who are not necessarily overweight, but who strive for a healthier and better balanced diet.
Those who suffer from so-called ‘lifestyle illnesses’, or those who would like to prevent them, such as rheumatism, diabetes, insomnia, high blood pressure, digestive problems or migraines
Those who would like to feel healthier, fitter, and achieve higher energy levels

What is the process of the metabolic balance® program?
The program is divided into different phases, which are all tailored to your individual needs.

I will support, guide and motivate you through all the phases.

Please  feel free to make an appointment on this website to do determin, if the program suits you, what are your objectifs and do detailed anamnesis.